About Me

Latoya Nugent, M.Sc., PGDip., B.A. | Human Rights and Development Practitioner | Digital Media Strategist 

Latoya Nugent is an ideator, programme development specialist, digital media strategist, youth engagement strategist and human rights activist. She has dedicated her life to engaging women and young people in conversations about their fundamental human rights. She has expanded the rights conversation to include important and critical issues such as women’s financial literacy, economic independence and social justice.

Latoya’s work as an ideator and programme development specialist has led her to reach across the political and socio-economic divide to engage power brokers and the disenfranchised, towards solutions and strategies that are sustainable and relevant for national development and personal growth. In this respect, her work within the women’s movement and with youth at the margins bear testimony to that commitment to brokering partnerships and bridging divides.

Her work has led her to be described as a creative problem-solver. Her tool-box of engagement strategies are grounded in the Freirean philosophy of transformational talk. She locates her work in the tradition of Caribbean revolutionaries such as Walter Rodney and Andaiye, and in her own complex way positions feminist capitalist ideology as a vehicle for social justice. She displays a willingness to speak truth to power and to be unapologetic in her insistence that justice, fairness and equality must be the core principles upon which human rights are guaranteed. Latoya believes in the value of intergenerational dialogue and her work with WE-Change is grounded in the value of women validating women across generational divides.

Latoya strategically uses and masters technology and social media as tools to amplify the voices of the most vulnerable and marginalized, and has been shifting the power imbalance to ensure that those whose voices have been stifled and silenced, now speak with certainty and conviction in the social media space. She is truly a global citizen who understands the complex nature of national identity politics and its inherent inadequacies in securing justice for all citizens.

She is a sought-after presenter, facilitator and speaker on a wide range of penetrating and critical issues. She is sincere and convincing, and has certainly mastered the art of communication through use of appropriate language and messaging technique.

Latoya is authentic and unapologetic. She uses every opportunity to proudly declare her sexual identity and she has made it clear that she intends to access all the rights and privileges of citizenship as a black Jamaican feminist lesbian.