Nicolette Bryan: I’ve definitely learnt lessons [from the CWSDC] that I will use to fortify my own advocacy in Jamaica. #WEinTT

Paige Andrew: The CWSDC allows participants to not only learn and share an incredible amount of important information that is bound to boost our capacity as advocates and activists, but to also experience the culture of the host country. #WEinTT

Rochelle McFee: The conference covered a lot of ground that I think is important for people who are just entering the advocacy world, those at the forefront, and those who want to make an impact even within the shadows. #WEinTT

Jherane Patmore: I would recommend this conference to advocates as it is an indispensable step into becoming a more regional-driven advocate for the rights of women. #WEinTT

Nicolette Jones: I think the conference has really made me think a little bit more about my advocacy efforts and how effective partnerships can be in the ‘fight’ for equality. #WEinTT

Latoya Nugent: Let me congratulate the [CWSDC] committee on a job well done to date, and to United & Strong for blazing the trail.


Between October 4-11, 2015 WE-Change participated in the #CWSDC2015 which was hosted by United & Strong and Womantra in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Every year, for one week, United & Strong brings together several LBT women and allies via the Annual Caribbean Women and Sexual Diversity Conference (CWSDC) in an effort to strengthen our capacity as activists, artivists, feminists, and advocates for women in the Caribbean region.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.45.36 PMOver the next few days this space will be used to share a few reflections about the #CWSDC2015 that were written by members of the WE-Change delegation. It is hoped that this space will provide much insight on the conference and its impact on participants and the LBT women’s movement within the Caribbean region. #WEinTT Happy reading!


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