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A Touch of Everlasting Love

DSC_0059I think I want to write a whole volume about the exquisiteness of the love I share with my life partner. Maybe someday I will. Today I’ll just drop a few lines about how invaluable love can be, when shared by, and experienced between two people who remain committed to a beautiful, healthy, and everlasting kind of partnership. Those words don’t mean perfection by your standards, they mean perfection by my standards. And no, I don’t have low standards (have you seen/heard my wife?), I just refuse to align my standards with what many of you may unrealistically regard as perfection. I am human.


I used to say that ‘we are not perfect’, but mi stop bout laas month. Why? I’ve been reflecting. And reflecting does that to you. It shakes you up a bit, and it sets you on a more enlightened and renewed path. In my reflections I realised just how perfect my partner and I have been for each other all these years, even through the ‘breaks’ and rough patches; we have never stopped loving each other. We have never stopped caring about each other. We have never stopped making sacrifices for each other. We have never stopped supporting each other. And we have never stopped envisioning life with each other. And this is what I call a touch of everlasting love. Because once it touches you, once you feel and experience it, you can be sure it stays with you for a very long time, sometimes ‘transcending death’.

I’ve been touched.

Ah nuh MIA alone can get touch!

Cheers to my partner! And cheers to this strikingly awesome relationship we share!