#HerLegacy in Photos


Rushell Ferarah signs the #HerLegacy signature board



Dr. Marcia Forbes of Phase 3 Productions makes her mark on the #HerLegacy signature board



Suelle Anglin of J-FLAG in awe of the #HerLegacy gallery, which featured 16 powERful and inspiring women from Jamaica and the Caribbean.



#HerLegacy Host – Owen ‘Blakka’ Ellis and his beloved cousin and author of Anansesem, Dr. Adwoa Onuora



The sadness you see on the faces of Tonni Ann Brodber of UN Women and Nadeen Spence of Mary Seacole Hall, UWI Mona is reflective of the pain, agony, and horror of the personal testimony shared by a sexual violence survivor at #HerLegacy.



Imani Duncan Price pays tribute to her late mom Grace Duncan. Her tribute was emotional, inspirational, and heartfelt.



Very apt WE-Change tagline. Smile if you agree!



J-mi & Anna Mariah from 360 Artists thrills the #HerLegacy audience with an incredible performance. Their rendition of Sia & David Guetta’s T I TA N I U M was an audience favourite!



She’s Royal, isn’t she! One of the women of Eve For Life (an organisation that provides support for women and girls living in Jamaica affected by HIV and AIDS) sings J-mi’s rendition of Tarrus Riley’s She’s Royal.



#BlackGirlMagic #SweetMelanin at #HerLegacy



Hilary Nicholson of WMW Jamaica



What a powHERful intergenerational group women! Left to right is Judith Wedderburn of 51% Coalition, Rochelle McFee of WE-Change, Latoya Nugent of WE-Change, Taitu Heron of UN Women, Nicolette Bryan of WE-Change and Nadeen Spence of Mary Seacole Hall UWI Mona



Sisterhood. Love. Respect. Gratitude.

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