Let’s be kind to our children

Since the widely circulated video of a mother repeatedly hitting her child with a machete, the conversation about the abuse of children has intensified. More recently, UNICEF reports show that Jamaica is a violent place for children. Just last week, State Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information - Floyd Green announced that … Continue reading Let’s be kind to our children

The Myth of Homogeneity in Political Parties

I 've come to realize that while Jamaica has a first past the post electoral system that has long favoured the People's National Party and the Jamaica Labour Party, we continue to make the mistake that each party is homogeneous. We also continue to pretend that if someone supports one party over the other, it … Continue reading The Myth of Homogeneity in Political Parties

‘Waging War’

There is a 'waging war' on Twitter about employees who seem to have a 'bad' attitude towards their work and the cause possibly being an unkind work environment and not being paid well. I tweeted the following in response: If you are an employer, create an environment that allows your employees to work with dignity … Continue reading ‘Waging War’

Children: Whose Responsibility?

A couple days ago the official Twitter handle of Prime Minister Andrew Holness tweeted that 'Social responsibility means you should have the children you can afford to give the best life.' I saw it this afternoon thanks to a colleague who retweeted it. The tweet reminded me of a conversation I had with a few people … Continue reading Children: Whose Responsibility?