The Myth of Homogeneity in Political Parties

I 've come to realize that while Jamaica has a first past the post electoral system that has long favoured the People's National Party and the Jamaica Labour Party, we continue to make the mistake that each party is homogeneous. We also continue to pretend that if someone supports one party over the other, it … Continue reading The Myth of Homogeneity in Political Parties

‘Waging War’

There is a 'waging war' on Twitter about employees who seem to have a 'bad' attitude towards their work and the cause possibly being an unkind work environment and not being paid well. I tweeted the following in response: If you are an employer, create an environment that allows your employees to work with dignity … Continue reading ‘Waging War’

The Unsilencing & Inspiration of ‘Me Too’

I’ve been reading many tweets, Facebook posts and articles about ‘me too’. The number of people using those five letters is a reminder of how pervasive sexual violence is in communities around the world, in communities across the Caribbean, and in communities at home – Jamaica. Survivors are talking. Silencing – one of the features … Continue reading The Unsilencing & Inspiration of ‘Me Too’