It is not illegal to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender [LGBT] in Jamaica, BUT… [Part I]

Black Feminist Rebel

So, with its loud voice the church has managed to ignite the society into a deny-gays-rights-frenzy. I believe it was their bawling that influenced the changes to the original wording of the new Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms [herein referred to as The Charter] to exclude discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Today we are left with a Charter that ignores and/or denies some rights of the LGBT population in Jamaica. Thankfully, there is nothing in Jamaican law that prevents an individual from being lesbian, bisexual, gay or transgender. However, because the law criminalises some homosexual acts, the average ‘Joen’ interprets that to mean it is illegal to be LGBT, not recognising that sexuality is deeper and not so microscopic or limited to sexual activities.

I believe as a community we need to embark on an extensive educational programme that will allow Jamaicans to understand that


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